Frequently Asked Questions

How are MetalLine Cabinet Systems manufactured?

A: We start with CAD designed engineering and ‘real world’ testing. We then CNC laser cut and CNC form our components in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensuring consistency and precision. TIG-welding, form strutting and hardware selection delivers incredible strength. Most materials are made of 16, 18 and 20 gauge electro-galvanized material. After QC inspection, we powder coat to a durable texture.


Q: Do your cabinets mount to the wall structure?

A: Yes, with our specially designed suspension rails, installation is radically easier. Plumb the rails and your cabinets are straight and level every time. Cabinets can be easily removed and relocated to alternate locations.


Q: Can I add more cabinets later?

A: Yes. Our cabinet system is very modular and easily expandable. You can pick the cabinet you wish to add from our product line and easily integrate. It is just that easy.


Q: Are other color combinations available besides the 5 standard ones?

A: Yes, for a small additional charge, you can choose from an extensive palette of available powder coat colors. Special custom colors may extend delivery time.


Q: Are cabinet locks available?

A: Yes. Specify what cabinet or door you would like a lock on, and we will make sure they are delivered ready for security.


Q: Where can I see the cabinets before I make a decision to purchase?

A: You can visit our showroom Monday - Friday 8 am to 4 pm. Evening and Saturdays by appointment only or, call your local "authorized re-seller" to preview the actual physical products.


Q: How do I clean the powder coat finish?

A: We chose powder-coat finishing because it is one of the most durable finishes available today.


Q: Are the cabinets heavy?

A: Not any more than melamine press-board cabinets, but it ends there. They have an incredible strength to weight ratio only achieved through Metalline’s method of manufacturing and construction.


Q: Are your cabinet systems easily transportable?

A: Yes, due to the modular construction, they are shipped in ‘knock-down’ fashion, and very compact. All outbound orders are shipped F.O.B. Metallines manufacturing facility in Southern California.


Q: Do you sell your systems out-of-state?

A: Yes, our modular and systematic approach makes it extremely easy for an end-user to receive a shipment and do the installation themselves. Alternately, if you need help with the installation, we can give you a quote or have one of our "authorized re-sellers" give you a call.


Q: Do you charge for consultation or come out to a location?

A: No, the initial consultation is free in our "authorized re-seller" service area. We also work via phone, e-mail and fax and have created many successful installations from drawing through final installation in this fashion.


Q: Can I purchase cabinets from MetalLine Cabinet Systems and install them myself?

A: Yes. MetalLine cabinets are modular and easily assembled.  With the assistance of a helper, it is a very straight-forward installation.


Q: How long will it take me to install my new cabinets?

A: Most standard installations can be done in one day. Extensive systems may take longer. As with any project, it is all in the planning and organization; Metalline Cabinet Systems makes the project both easy and enjoyable.


Q: How do I need to prep my site before the installer arrives?

A: We will need good access in and out of your location as well as accessibility to the area for installation. We will let you know of anything additional during our site consultation if we are doing the install.


Q: Will you install my cabinets and is there a charge for installation?

A: Yes. There is an installation fee and we will quote that based on the cabinets selected and your location.


Q: Do you have dealers in any other locations or states?

A: Yes, we are currently in the process of setting up "authorized re-sellers" in all 50 states. Please call us for details about the "authorized re-seller” in your area.


Q: Where are your cabinets manufactured?

A: Southern California, U.S.A.


Q: How can I obtain additional information on MetalLine Cabinet Systems?

A: You can email us or call (714) 447-0082 to request a brochure or additional information not found on our website.



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